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Managing sensitive human situations


Your organisation may face complex situations which require expert intervention. The “Managing sensitive human situations” department operates in two ways.
Firstly, we support our customers with the management and resolution of crises affecting operations and work conditions. Our specialised response, impartial and independent, is calming; we provide the necessary confidence to manage these critical events. Our consultants give an expert view at a distressing time to help re-establish a calm atmosphere and good work environment.
Secondly, after or outside any crisis situation, Crise-Up supports organisations throughout their project to prevent major and psychosocial risks. We draw up diagnostics using scientifically researched assessment methodologies as part of a constructive and collaborative process with management, staff representatives and any other stakeholders. Customised and adaptable tools provide an objective and precise diagnostic, in turn generating tailored prevention solutions.


Our approach

Our approach is built around three essential stages:

  • An assessment to understand the unstable factors, evaluate the criticality of the situation, build trust and take care of employees affected by the critical situation to relieve their emotional distress.
  • A strategy to build upon using shared diagnostics, drawing up a strategic organisation adapted to the business and supported by tools tailored to the sensitive human situation...followed immediately by a rapid response.
  • Implementation for action: the strategy adopted to resolve a crisis situation includes the organisation and preparation of teams encouraging their support, communication, development of a plan, tracking its progression and advice about elements of concern.


Our tools

Faced with these challenges, we provide solid and reassuring multi-disciplined expertise and crisis resolution responses. Different tools are deployed and adapted in each situation :


Compliance audit for occupational health and safety


Independent and impartial investigation

Psychosocial risk diagnostics

Individual and collective interviews

Running chat groups

Work situation observation


Organisational HR consulting

Workplace quality of life


For over 20 years, Crise-Up has helped HR departments, organisations, businesses and operational management staff manage all crisis situations that affect them and the people working for them. Feel free to download the Crise-Up brochure to find out more.

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