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Emergency psychological support


Accidents, aggression, robberies, deaths, attacks, threats, conflicts, harassment... Your employees may encounter potentially traumatic situations. These critical situations can heavily affect an environment and require the immediate presence of a team of psychologists.
The objective of psychological support in the case of a crisis or a traumatic event is to relieve or remove the consequences of the event’s impact on the mental health of employees and therefore reduce future psychosocial risks.


The Crise-Up approach

In the case where a traumatic event affected one or several employees and depending on the traumatic psychological state of the victims, Crise-Up builds a psychological support plan adapted to the identified issues. The applied methodology is the same for all our fields of expertise: responsiveness, coordination in action, number of people on site.


Our intervention has a three-fold objective :

  • Support victims after the event : Support employees who are victims of a traumatising event in terms of individual psychological effects and their status as a victim (medical, legal, etc.).
  • Ensure a return to work or continued activity as far as possible : Generate a better environment for the employee concerned, to stay effective or become effective once again and rediscover their job commitment.
  • Detect and identify possible weaknesses or shortcomings regarding psychosocial issues and psychosocial risks : Inform employees about the psychological support and understand the impact of an event on employees and the organisation.

Crise-Up’s response is built around four fundamental elements :

  • Fast response to all your sites in France and overseas,
  • Psychological support solutions for your teams,
  • Confidence and trust in established relations,
  • And recommendations following our interventions.

Crise-Up psychological support

Our emergency plan can be deployed 24/7

Our response methodology is based on :

  • A diagnostic of the situation and the mental state of the victims
  • Implementation of adapted psychological support :

Psychological telephone interview
Face-to-face psychological interview
Collective interview: psychological debriefing, support group
Dedicated hotline
Psychological support duty officer

Direct contact with a representative throughout the psychological support

Reporting on interventions and recommendations for post-crisis management

You face crises or you're looking for information


For over 20 years, Crise-Up has helped HR departments, organisations, businesses and operational management staff manage all crisis situations that affect them and the people working for them. Feel free to download the Crise-Up brochure to find out more.

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  • Boulangeries Paul
  • Camaieu
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  • Super U
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  • Groupe Delcourt
  • SNI
  • Logirem
  • Promologis
  • Foyer Remois
  • Domaxis
  • Banque Populaire Val de France
  • Chaabi Bank
  • Sorbonne
  • Ville de Chalon-sur-Saône
  • Ville de Grigny
  • Ville de Bobigny
  • Conseil Départementale de la Moselle

Crise Up

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