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DSI - Degraded Situation Intervention

Crise Up - Degraded Situation Intervention: a concept


We live in a troubled world where every organisation must adapt to new safety challenges.

Attacks, riots, violent demonstrations, ambushes, extreme organised violence, guerillas... These are not new risks. We are all confronted by them; we must manage them and handle them differently.

Their form, nature, frequency and virulence are forcing all staff and organisations exposed to them to change their methods, perceptions and techniques in the field.

DSI, Degraded Situation Intervention, is a global theoretical and tactical approach to violent behaviour and phenomena for all professionals who want to prevent, anticipate and reduce risks.

The reality in the field is that certain events, certain threats can no longer be analysed using traditional security scenarios. If the worst happens, organisations must be able to integrate a DSI strategy; they must be clear-sighted, prepared and controlled to limit the effects.


Degraded Situation Intervention : a concept

DSI analysis applies to all violent situations where intervention is required.

Protect people and take care of victims
Protect people and take care of victims
Define new risks and suitable tactical actions
Define new risks and suitable tactical actions
Develop specific training, calibrated for field and management teams
Develop specific training, calibrated for field and management teams
Optimise responses to serious and exceptional situations
Optimise responses to serious and exceptional situations

Degraded Situation Intervention: a concept


Crise Up - Degraded Situation Intervention: a concept


New security challenges

  • Taking into account new risk realities
  • Integrating new management methods
  • Tools adapted to private and public environments

Crise Up - Necessary adaptation


Necessary adaptation

  • A new understanding of missions in degraded environments
  • Urban violence: an inadequate and dangerous representation of reality
  • No quick link between society’s reality and operational application

We have developed customised training courses on the back of our expertise. Drawing up a plan, practical case studies, taking into account your in-house tools and procedures - all this is done working closely with you to achieve our educational objectives and the operational progression of all staff trained.
Our offer is customised; training modules can be chosen separately depending on your issues

Understand the specific DSI risk assessment
Integrate theoretical and tactical scenarios adapted to DSIs
Define the operational plan for an intervention in a degraded situation
Managerial control of DSI implementation
Dangerous or psychologically unstable victim management
Intervention in situations of collective violence, rioting or looting
Emotional management and perception in exceptional or dangerous situations
Optimisation of techniques in the case of multiple interventions
React to and manage exceptional and degraded situations
Understand the risk of terrorism, be able to include it in your security strategy
Ensure physical integrity and protection during a DSI or an attack
Anticipate, detect suspicious behaviour and situations; instinctive reactions
Psychological support and managing legal elements

Degraded situation interventions may become an integral part of your employees’ everyday. Your interventions are therefore sometimes disrupted; training in some sectors becomes necessary because of the complexity of certain situations: managing the public, intervening after an attack, a nuclear incident...
We can tailor offers to your business, to ensure the concept is a direct response to the issues you are having.

Crise Up - SDI - Public transport

Public transport

Coordinating and interacting with stakeholders in a highly emotionally charged situation.

Crise Up - SDI - Nuclear


Be ready to manage emotionally complex situations and incidents

Crise Up - SDI - Local police

Local police

As first responders, you must manage the situation.

Crise Up - SDI - Emergency services

Emergency services

Provide help in a degraded situation (attacks, riots, etc.)

Crise Up - SDI - Private security

Private security

Guaranteeing civil protection of people sometimes means dealing with complex situations.



For over 10 years, Crise-Up has helped HR departments, organisations, businesses and operational management staff manage all crisis situations that affect them and the people working for them. Feel free to download the Crise-Up brochure to find out more.

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