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INTERNATIONAL Institute of Human Crisis Management 

Since 2003, Crise-Up has been helping businesses and communities with the prevention, support and management of human crises. These events experienced by organisations affect and cause disruption in the short- and mid-term, and their repercussions can mentally affect men, women and teams.
Our response is calming; we provide the necessary confidence to manage these situations and offer an expert view at a distressing time.

Our four fields of expertise

Preventing human risks

by training your employees for complex situations, whether they are emotionally distressing or technically complex, to ensure the best possible management of the phenomenon when it occurs.

Supporting employees

with a psychologist who can provide support after a traumatic event (death, attack, accident, etc.).

Diagnosing potential psychosocial risks

(PSR) to offer a concrete action plan to implement organisational prevention measures.

Preparing employees

in how to manage their emotions and carry out their jobs in complete physical safety in a degraded situation (attack, riot, etc.).



Emergency number 08 200 84 200

Expert viewpoint

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Crise Up actions

Nouveauté Formation "Savoir prendre du recul face au quotidien professionnel".

Nouveauté formation "médiation et gestion des conflits"

Nouveauté formation "médiation et gestion des conflits"

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For over 10 years, Crise-Up has helped HR departments, organisations, businesses and operational management staff manage all crisis situations that affect them and the people working for them. Feel free to download the Crise-Up brochure to find out more.

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  • Super U
  • Groupe L'occitane
  • Groupe Delcourt
  • SNI
  • Logirem
  • Promologis
  • Foyer Remois
  • Domaxis
  • Banque Populaire Val de France
  • Chaabi Bank
  • Sorbonne
  • Ville de Chalon-sur-Saône
  • Ville de Grigny
  • Ville de Bobigny
  • Conseil Départementale de la Moselle

Crise Up

Support with human crisis prevention and management, psychological support and crisis management, psychosocial risk management, human risk prevention ...


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